Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sex (ism) in Advertising - Part 2

1893 Ad in the Waco Evening News for Sexual Pills
Since we are on the topic of life in Waco, Texas in 1893, a review of the local evening paper reveals that the mantra "sex sells" is not new.  Energy drinks and herbal Asian stimulants, found on the counter of every corner store, were prevalent products in the Gay Nineties (known in the UK as the Naughty Nineties).  Take for instance Ozmanlis Oriental Sexual Pills, sold at the Risher drug store in East Waco.  [For those familiar with the Waco's directional dyslexia, East Waco is North Waco.] In case you have no need to remedy a "Loss of Manhood," Ozmanlis will also cure "Loss of Memory" and "Self Distrust." It is interesting to note that James F. Ballard, founder of Ballard Snow Liniment Co. (maker of Ozmanlis), is remembered not for sex aids, but for his art collections.

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  1. The "Special Directions" would make me a little nervous. Perhaps the emphasis was added in order to ward off products-liability attorneys.