Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What do you call your burger?

A controversy is brewing on 11th street over the name of a soon-to-be-new burger joint in Waco.  "Fat Ho Burgers" put it out for the world to see.  Now that the world (Waco) has seen their name, some are very unhappy.  I drove by this morning... no protesters in the streets, yet.  As many have said, whether the name stays will depend on the quality of their product.  In Waco, there is a tradition of underselling a product by using a less than appetizing appellation.  For example:

  • Lip Locker (Double meat hamburger at Kitoks)
  • Gut Pack (a super Frito pie at Viteks)
  • Big "O" (a big beer at George's
What are some other Waco products with a strange name?

UPDATE:  My visit to Fat Ho Burgers and review of the Hot Ho Jalapeno Hamburger


  1. Henry,
    This is not about protesting the restaurant. This is about supporting a young woman who is trying to start a business. I believe that misogyny is not funny, but I am also backing my words with support. I want Ms. Evans to succeed and I am willing to help and challenge others in the community to do the same! Lets help her reprint her menus, change her signage, build a website, design a logo, paint the building – whatever we can do to help. Please contact me on our Facebook group http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_179819472064438&ap=1


  2. Shelly,
    I admire your approach of constructive change. A colleague of mine at Baylor suggested the more radical approach of organizing protests.

  3. Sam Perry informed me of a "Skunk Egg" sold at a pizza restaurant in West. The skunk egg is a bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeno.

  4. I believe in supporting women, not bringing them down.

    Can you ask your Baylor buds to chip on with offers of support? Whatever they can do... I am sure she needs legal help when we get her re-branded and on the internet with trademarks and registrations...

    South 11th Street needs a good restaurant promoting positivity and helping the neighborhood. According to reports, the residents of Kate Ross Apartments are happy the restaurant is there, but very sad about the choice of name...

    Lets work together to make this happen!

  5. Henry,

    The skunk egg is at the Pizza House in West. I have had it many times (they also have Big O's, btw, though they are not so named). It is actually a combination of chicken, bacon, onions, jalapenos, and cheese, battered and fried and served with ranch dressing (similar to a George's crazy wing, but much bigger). If you ever take H.J. to the West Pool (the Playdium, which I highly recommend...only pool in the vicinity besides Ridgewood that has booze, and it's much more reasonably priced), be sure to stop there on the way back to Waco!

    Ms. Evans has a great team of folks working with her to ensure her profitability. I look forward to trying her food and wish her much success under whatever name she chooses to use.

    ~Melissa Wray

  6. Hard to beat the combination of sun, water, beer, good food, and Czech hospitality.