Thursday, March 3, 2011

Get your aquavit and fire up the sauna, it is time for Reindeer Racing

I have made a commitment to being a better colleague at work.  One area on which I need improvement is lunch-time conversation.   I am strong on topics such as the inquisition, German Expressionism, and prison architecture, but I am weak on anything related to sports.  In an effort to improve my knowledge of sports, I periodically research sports.  In case you have not been following it, the Reindeer Racing season is getting ready to kick off in Finland.  Ski-jouring is the most common variant of the sport.  A ski-jourer, wearing cross-country skis, holds onto a rope which is lashed to a frightened and angry reindeer.   This usually happens on a frozen lake and the races are run in groups of 4-6.  The fastest time wins.

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