Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who is Baby Gaga?

Since we are on the topic of Milk....

What happens when Anthony Burgess collides with Ayn Rand?  Human Milk Ice Cream.

Milk is a bitter, sweet commodity in Waco.  Since Waco is a great place to "raise your kids," there is a high demand for milk.  But due to the enormous dairy farms up-river from Waco, the City's water is polluted.   The water tastes funny. This is an old gripe and the City of Waco has done much to improve the water quality by installing new treatment facilities.  There is also a 10 year legal battle with the dairy farmers seeking to explain that, despite our love of milk, we do not love the poop from cows, especially when it is washed into the river we share.  

What can we do next.  A creamery in Covent Garden offers this alternative.  Women, produce your own milk.  At Icecreamist you can buy a cup of Baby Gaga (the name says it all), the "organic, free-range, and totally natural" human breast milk ice cream.  A quote from Icecreamist's owner, Matt O'Connor, sums up the business model best, "No-one's done anything interesting with ice cream in the last hundred years."

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