Friday, March 25, 2011

What Lawyers, and Clients, can learn from Mr. Gruber

Judge's Bench Pub in Baltimore
"Where you are always guilty
of having a good time."
Here are some tips garnered from Mr. Gruber's recent visit to the Sullivan County Court in  New York.

  1. When asked to appear before court for a DWI charge, do not show up late.
  2. Ask the court for a recess if you need to finish drinking your beer.
  3. Store your extra beers in your car, not under your chair in a black bag.  That makes the bailiff nervous and jealous.
  4. When asked by the judge, "Did you enjoy your liquid lunch?" do not say "Yes"... say "Yes your honor."
  5. Do not offer the judge a beer, especially if it is a warm can of Busch.

See the Times-Herald for a more accurate account of Mr. Gruber's visit to court.


  1. [Judge] LaBuda put Gruber in jail with no bail.

  2. Nasty consequences for not following these simple rules.

  3. I forgot a rule of courtroom etiquette:

    5) Do not go to court drunk.