Friday, March 18, 2011

Waco History Project

Jules Bledsoe (1898 - 1943)
Either in an effort to construct, or reconstruct, a history of Waco, a group of fearless writers have created a very interesting website on the history of Waco.  The Waco History Project, a collaborative of many local institutions, provides a timeline of the development of Waco and brief articles on significant places and events.  The timeline begins at 500 AD with Indians moving Central Texas after receiving a generous donation of land from a political ally. The timeline ends in 2000 with George W. Bush moving to Central Texas after receiving a generous donation of land or money from a political ally.  "Samasara is a circle."

More importantly, the site provides some great, and terrible, stories from Waco's past.  Of particular interest is the article on Jules Bledsoe (see also the Wiki entry), the most famous and forgotten artist from Waco.  Bledsoe, born in Waco, became famous as a baritone singer on Broadway.  Many remember his strong and haunting voice singing Ol' Man River, few remember Jules Bledsoe.

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