Wednesday, March 23, 2011

List-Day Wednesday = Best Burger Joints

Since we are on the topic of hamburgers, I thought that a List-Day Wednesday dedicated to listing the best Burger Joints in your home town would be appropriate.  (The secret, and selfish, reason for this topic is that I love a good hamburger and have gone great lengths to feed this craving.)  My favorite, all-time hamburger was the green chili burger at Roberto's Tacos y Mas in Taos.  To the best of my knowledge (please prove otherwise) the mobile taco/burger shack is no more.  

Ang and the Medievalist continue to be the star Listers.  

Topic for this List-Day Wednesday: Best hamburger joints in your hometown. 

As with any group project, a few rules are needed.  There will be a topic.  As far as the length of the list, I have given this some thought.  A list of One, is not a list.  Two to a list is too harsh: only first and last place.  The minimum entries shall be Three, and Three it shall be.  For the sake of brevity, Five will be the max.

Here is my list:
    Waco Hamburger Joints
  1. Cupp's Drive-In (I ate there almost everyday while working construction in the summer of 1954?)
  2. Fuddrucker's (I generally abhor chain restaurants, but when you make a good hamburger, you make a good hamburger)
  3. World Cup Cafe (I like the toasted cheese bread)


  1. Since I don't eat bread, I seldom have burgers because it makes me feel conspicuous to leave an uneaten mound of food on my plate (unless I'm dining with my boys - aka, the bottomless pits - in which case, ne'er a crumb goes to waste).

    That said, here are a few of my faves:

    1) Honeybee Ham & Deli (shishkabob rules, but they have good burgers, too)
    2) Bubba's (in Lorena and Hewitt)
    3) Chili's (I know it's a chain, but I like the Mushroom Swiss)

    P.S. When I first saw the Popeye comic, I thought you were doing a post on the federal deficit. ;)

  2. I have not yet tried Honeybee' and Bubba's. Bubba's sounds like it could be a contender. Regarding deficits... for now I am trying to avoid depressing/ion topics.

  3. Here are some other spots for a good burger. Double-R Burgers; Kitoks; Health Camp (their grilled hot dogs are even better than their burgers)

  4. I'm a gut-pack man, myself, although those cooks at Keetocks make a pretty juicy burger, I must admit.