Wednesday, March 16, 2011

List-Day Wednesday = Superpowers

List-Day Wednesday went on holiday last week.  I was on a death march through Northern Italy and had only sporadic access to the Internet.  The grueling nature of travel (and my recent research on Mr. Magnet) inspired some fantasies about possessing the power to travel instantly from location to another.  If the Power of Transport is more than a mere mortal could handle, the simple power of "Instant First-Class Upgrades" would be much appreciated.  

The topic of superpowers is timeless (the ability to move through time would be cool).  Where there is a great power, there is both a good and bad use of that power.  The Ring of Gyges, granting the ability to turn invisible, provoked  such a discussion between Socrates and Glaucon.  Could you resist the temptation to satisfy your desires if you had the ability to be evil without consequence or punishment?

Ultivac, the forgotten supervillain, had the
power of telepathy... I would not want to
know what other people are thinking.
So, for this List-Day Wednesday, the topic is: What superpowers would you want to have?

As with any group project, a few rules are needed.  There will be a topic.  As far as the length of the list, I have given this some thought.  A list of One, is not a list.  Two to a list is too harsh: only first and last place.  The minimum entries shall be Three, and Three it shall be.  For the sake of brevity, Five will be the max.

Here is my list:
1) The power of instant transport (see above reference to the Italy death march)
2) The power of perfect espresso (this is probably a power that I will tire of quickly, but right now, in Waco, it seems very important)
3) The power to speak all languages (this would have prevented our being lost in Italy and the hostility that arose with our bus driver)


  1. 1) teleportation
    2) time travel
    3) healing

  2. Related to time travel, I always thought it would be pretty cool to be able to stop time. That way you could move someone out of the way of an impending collision with a dump truck.

  3. 1. Not having to sleep
    2. Be impervious to jet lag
    3. Beer stein that is always full no matter how much you drink (two of those).
    4. Have a real nap time.
    5. Own a distillery
    6. Fly on schedule

  4. I would have a hard time giving up sleep considering that my dreams are often far more interesting than my life. Although, the distillery thing could be pretty cool: The Powers of Fermentation and Distillation.