Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Magnet Man to Mr. Gecko

There are superpowers that can save the world, and there are superpowers that we don't really need.  A curious story has surfaced in Serbia regarding a man with the power of magnetism.  This superhuman trait gives Miroslav Mandic the power to attach spoons and coins to his body and to change the television station remotely.  Despite concerns that non-ferrous materials are "magnetically" attracted to his body, there is great local enthusiasm for his abilities.  

Miroslav is not the first "magnet man."  In 2008, a story was published about Liew Thow Lin, better known as "Mr. Magnet" of Malaysia.  Liew Thow's "magnetic" skin is so powerful that he can pull a car with a chain stuck to his body. 

Scientists have determined that Liew Thow is not actually a human magnet, but that his skin has great sucking ability.  Apparently Mr. Magnet's skin acts like suction cups, similar to feet of lizards.  

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