Friday, March 25, 2011

Waco Timeline Revision

A recent article in Science Magazine casts the anthropological history of Waco and the Americas, for that matter, in a new light.  The Waco History Project timeline beings at 500 CE when Indians moved into this area.  Although this conservative estimate avoids any clash with Young Earthers, archaeologists at the Buttermilk Creek Complex date human habitation in Central Texas back to 13,500 BCE.  The cool thing about this is that for the past 80 years scientists said that the Clovis people were the first inhabitants of the Americas.  Periodically, an archaeologist would pop up and say, "There were people here before 11,000 BCE."  Like an academic "Whack a Mole," they would be pummeled back into submission.  I suspect that there will be some whacking after this article.  As Cornell West said when he visited Baylor, "You can still get a PhD writing a dissertation which says one group is smarter, superior, or more accomplished than another."

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