Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In honor and deference to the blogging guru Mark Osler over at Osler's Razor, I am going to dedicate a day of the week to an interactive blog post.  Osler, from the beginning, has tapped the creative energies of overworked law students by challenging them to write a haiku each Friday.  "In the good ol' days" Osler, or a distinguished guest judge, would pick the best entry and present an award.  Like Pavlov's dogs (Boy, Zolotisty, Druzhok, Sultan, Zhuchka, Tygan and Druzhok), a click is all loyal Razorites need today.  

At the Edge, Wednesday will "List-Day Wednesday."  As with any group project, a few rules are needed.  There will be a topic.  As far as the length of the list, I have given this some thought.  A list of One, is not a list.  Two to a list is too harsh: only first and last place.  The minimum entries shall be Three, and Three it shall be.  For the sake of brevity, Five will be the max.

The inaugural topic shall be meta-listing:  
What topics should List-Day Wednesday use in the future?  

1) Best yard ornaments
2) Favorite art movements
3) Political slogans to avoid
4) Worst job interview questions


  1. I think best fast food joint on Valley Mills Drive would generate some enthusiasm...

  2. Excellent topic... it brings back fond memories of playing real-life frogger on Valley Mills as I went to visit my parents at Mary' Aunt, the restaurant they operated on "the Valley." Our house was on one side of the 7 lane street and Mary' Aunt was directly across.