Monday, April 25, 2011

New Ferry In Port Aransas

If you have been grousing about the long ferry lines to and from Port A, anticipate a slight reprieve this summer.  The Charles W. Heald, a 28 car ferry, arrived in port this week.  It will take about 30 days of training before the new ferry will be put into regular service.  All of the ferry landing staff have to be trained on the boat.  The Heald is the first of two new ferries to be added to the fleet, costing $6.4 million a piece. The older ferries carry 20 cars a piece, a significant boost from the 9 car ferries that were in service in the 70's and 80's.


  1. I'm hyped. With all the budget cuts, I thought ferry upgrades would be on the chopping block. It must be that brilliant govenor in Austin who keeps standing up for us. Hurray, new ferries!!

  2. It is said to be the most expensive mile of road in Texas.