Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recent Rodent News

In case you were lamenting the absence of high speed public transport in central Texas, you can at least be thankful that you do not have to travel with rodents.  This is good for you and the rats, according to a 1976 study conducted by the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy.  "Rats with high blood pressure should not ride the subways too often or too long: the stress of noise, vibration, and crowding may kill some of them before their time." (I have not yet found the study, but many enthusiastically quote the study.)  Other studies have found that subway rats live in the walls of the subway, not the subway itself; that a rat can survive a 40' fall and keep running; and that they can jump 2' from a running start.  Such insights have led the former director of NY's Pest Control Services to conclude: "We’re no match for them, as far as I’m concerned. Man does not stand no chance.”
In other Rodent News, the $5 million restoration of the DC Superior Court building did all except rid the place of rats.  Hmm.

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