Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worst Movies List

Sometimes, true wisdom is knowing what not to do.

This List-Day Wednesday Topic: 
What movies should you avoid like the plague?
The embarrassing thing about a "worst movie list" is that you have to admit you saw, at least part, of the movie.

Here is my list:
1) "Grown Ups" - my excuse, I was trapped on a transatlantic flight
2) "Ishtar" - I don't even remember what it was about, but Isabelle Adjani was in it.
3) "King Kong" (2005) - I am embarrassed to say that I made it to the scene where Kong battled the dinosaurs.
 4) Any of the recent Star Wars movies.


  1. 10. Clan of the Cave Bear (Darrell Hannah in skins?)
    9. Pretty Woman (barf)
    8. Heaven's Gate (don't even know what this is really about--if anybody knows let me know)
    7. Encino Man (or any other Pauly Shore film)
    6. Ghost Rider (Cage made a big paycheck for this piece of schlock)
    5. Bedazzled (Fraser, what were you thinking?)
    4. Xanadu (poor Olivia, she deserved better)
    3. One from the Heart (?)
    2. Showgirls (just bad)
    1. Titanic (pure schlock)

  2. Titanic, you are so right. The most hype, the worst movie.