Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day Again, This is Just Cruel

The real deadline for taxes this year is today.  Friday, apparently, was just a warm-up.
Texas, Lake Kiowa

Brazil, Ilha do Japao
If you have a sizable return coming, or you primarily bank offshore, you might consider buying as island to cheer yourself up.  In Texas, you can pick up a private island in Lake Kiowa for about $350,000.00.  The benefit of lake islands is that you don't have to worry about rising ocean levels as the polar caps melt.  But, for the traditionalist island purchaser on a budget, there are a handful of islands under $70k.  You can pick up a .7 acre island off Panama for $30k.  If you want trees and a house in place, you can buy Ilha do Japao, off the coast of Brazil for a cool $4 mil.  On the 9 acre island are 5 houses, a garage (? no ferries to the island ?) and a ranch (? of tapir ?).


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