Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why was your Professor arrested?

At Valdosta State University, Frank Rybicki was arrested for shutting a student's laptop on her fingers.  According to Rybicki, the student was using the laptop non-class related entertainment.  Students commenting on the article published on the Spectator's website tend to side with the professor, saying that using your computer for social media during class should not be tolerated.

In high school, we had out headmaster arrested... but it was part of a fundraiser.  Money collected for his bail was donated to a good cause.

Here are some other reasons a university professor might be arrested:

In Florida, a professor was arrested for carrying a suspicious bagel onto a plane.
In Georgia, a professor was arrested for stripping naked in front of his class.
In Massachusetts, a black professor was arrested as a possible burglar when he entered his own home.

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