Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Medieval Style, continued

Keeping with the theme of doing it Medieval style, I could tell you about my research on Medieval consumer protection laws or I could discuss recent activity of the Texas Legislature.  ... hmm...

The Texas Legislature it shall be.  

The big news from the Texas Legislature thus far in the session is that it is NOT the Wisconsin Legislature, although the tactics of the Senate Democrats seems very familiar.  If I were on the (political) lam, I would rather spend the time in Chicago than Ardmore.  The other news out of Austin is that no less than 5 bills have been introduced seeking to make it legal to carry a concealed handgun onto a university campus.  The enthusiasm for this legislation makes it seem like Texas college students are currently under siege by hoodlums and crazed colleagues.  At Baylor, I have not personally seen any need to be packing heat.  I wonder if being armed or knowing that a student is armed would significantly change the classroom dynamic.  No longer will I wake a sleeping student by dropping a large book on his desk.

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