Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Moving Fast

Of the many activities of the Texas Legislature today, House Bill 1353 was introduced.  HB "High Speed" proposes to change the highway speed limit from 70 to 75.  The best part is that there would no longer be a day/night speed distinction.  Whether driving to work or driving home after the bars close, drive 75.  Despite my mocking of this, I actually like the idea of removing a distinction between day and night speeds.  Doing so would solve the mystery of what speed to drive at dusk and dawn.

On the slower side of things, House Joint Resolution 93 will unlikely make another move.  HJR "Reduce Gov. Spending" proposes an amendment to the Texas Constitution to exempt residential property from ad valorem taxation.  A great idea except for that funding of schools-firedepartments-hospitaldistricts thing.

I watch the Daily Show for my comedy-fix, but I am learning that the Texas Legislature Daily Report can be equally entertaining.

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