Friday, February 18, 2011

What's Trump?

Donald Duck Trump for President.

I missed the scuttlebutt on Donald Trump's most recent announcement that he may, perhaps, definitely, seriously consider running for president.  Actually, the Trump describes his indecision better than I can.  "So I’m seriously thinking about doing it. I may do it. I very well may do it."  (from an interview with Karen Blankfeld at Forbes) Fortunately, a colleague sent me this entertaining article on Donald Trump (and Dyrdek and Snooki) from former Waco newsman John Young.  I have to admit that "my pop-culture" is a little rusty.  "Dyrdek" sounds like treated lumber and "Snooki," well, that sounds like something very un-Baylor.  

I did take a little time to research these issues.  Here is what I found. 

-  Donald Trump is officially going to think about running for president.  Why?  Because this country is not respected any longer.  

-  Dyrdek is not lumber used for building decks.  In fact, Dyrdek is a brand of body spray that is "uniquely designed to attract the ladies."

- Snooki is actually a respected literary author with a book for sale on Amazon.  

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