Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Eats on the Valley

At the Edge, Wednesday will "List-Day Wednesday."  As with any group project, a few rules are needed.  There will be a topic.  As far as the length of the list, I have given this some thought.  A list of One, is not a list.  Two to a list is too harsh: only first and last place.  The minimum entries shall be Three, and Three it shall be.  For the sake of brevity, Five will be the max.

List-Day Wednesday topic:  
What are your favorite restaurants on Valley Mills Drive in Waco, Texas?  

Here is my list.  I was tempted to just list my favorite restaurants that no longer exist, but that would not be helpful.

1) Taqueria #9 - If you buy the tacos individually, you can get a great lunch for less than $4.00.  I recommend the nopales taco on a flour tortilla
2) Baris - Especially on Calzone Tuesday (includes a salad with their great house dressing)
3) Schmaltz's Sandwich Shop - I have been living on the Blue Plate Special since high school


  1. I eat low-carb, so I am always in pursuit of something yummy for lunch other than bread, potatoes, rice or sugar. Here are some of my faves on Valley Mills:

    1) Honeybee Ham & Deli: It's not on the regular menu, but they offer shishkabobs - grilled beef or chicken - so good!
    2) Carino's: You can ask for the gluten-free version and substitute grilled veggies for pasta!
    3) Pei Wei: lettuce wraps, hold the rice noodles (IMHO, rice noodles taste like puffy styrofoam, anyway, and add nothing to the dish). Great way to get my Chinese food fix without the carbs!
    4) Poppa Rollo's: I know, you're thinking - pizza?! How is that low-carb? It isn't. However, they put so many topping on their pizza, that I love to take the toppings from a slice of hamburger pizza and add it to a side salad.

  2. How could I have left Poppa Rollo's off the list! That was the first place my parents took me to eat when I was a wee-little boy. It is also the only place in Waco I know of with a "secret" bar.

  3. There is a Schmaltz's on Valley Mills?

  4. The Schmaltz's on the Valley is at Town West Center near Bosque Blvd.