Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sexism in Super Bowl Ads - 2012

Toyota's "women couch"
The recurring theme in the Super Bowl car ads went something like this:  Women are desirable.  Our cars are like women... desirable.  The Fiat ad was straightforward.  When you see this car you will think that you are being seduced by an attractive woman who will first slap you for looking at her and then drip whipped cream on her chest.  Toyota was a little more subtle with the couch made of women in bikinis.  The Kia ad kept with the bikini theme.  In the man's dream a stadium of bikini clad women cheered him on as he drove the Kia in a one car race.  Chrysler and Clint Eastwood... well at least he was not wearing a bikini.  Also, one would be hard pressed to put a feminist spin on the vampire party in the Audi commercial.

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