Monday, December 19, 2011

Lady Blunt Exposed?: her cheaper brother, Betts, submited to the indignity of cloning

Betts"y" violin.  You can see the original Stradivari label.

The famed Lady Blunt, which sold at auction for the record price of $15 million in June, has caught the attention of the marketers who wish to recreate a Stradivarius for a less affluent market.  (see Increase 100 Fold and Lady for Sale). Dr. Steven Sirr, a radiologist with a passion for violins, has scanned Betts, a less famous older brother of Lady Blunt.  The Betts was made by the Stradivarius workshop in 1704. Unlike his sister, the Betts is famous for being the cheapest Stradivarius in history.  In 1820, the violin was sold to the Betts shop in London for 1 guinea, thus acquiring its name. 

Dr. Sirr has used his radiological equipment to scan the Betts, hoping to divine its magical musical qualities.  From the thousands of images, the Waddle Violin Company has recreated the famous instrument with computer guided cutting equipment.  Dr. Sirr says that his next project is to scan a Stradivarius cello.
Metallic Aura scan of Betts.

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