Friday, December 23, 2011

Robots We Should Fear

Robots of today, although more functional, lack the terrifying intrigue of their mid-century tin counterparts. The Lilliput, a classic wobbling robot, evokes the image of restless authority that the blank faced ASIMO or EVA lack.  Perhaps its pointy teeth imply a self-destructive craving for human flesh and kittens.  Even more fearsome is the Smoking Robot.  As the name implies, this robots "exhales" smoke.  Why?  Perhaps it emits greenhouse gases, plotting to slowly destroy the world through global warming.  Robots don't care about time or solar radiation.
Smoking Robot

Today, you can purchase a desk top robot tank.  Resembling a Smart car, the "Desk Pet" hardly evokes the science fiction horror of yesteryear. Where is the fake laser, sparking maw, and claws?  Lilliput maybe slow, but once it starts gnawing Desk Pet's "supplied dongle," order will be restored to un-nature.

Desk Pet Tankbot

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